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12-10-'06 Lornah Kiplagat Ambassador of My NY Marathon project
Lornah Kiplagat Ambassador of My NY Marathon project
My NY Marathon wants to show that people with asthma can also stretch their boundaries. This is why 25 asthma patients will be running the New York marathon on November 4th 2007. The runners will receive optimal sports related and medical guidance in order to gear their personal handling of asthma and medicine use optimally to their personal situation. It is obvious that not everybody can complete a marathon. However, the runners hope to inspire other people with asthma to stretch their own boundaries through their performance.

Supervision Lornah Kiplagat is ambassador of the unique My Ny marathon project: "As an asthma patient I have won at least 5 marathons, I was third in the marathon of New York and I am world champion on the road and cross-country. This shows that people with asthma can lead a normal life too. This is why I would like to become ambassador of My NY Marathon."

The runners of My NY Marathon will be supervised intensively by sports doctor and triathlete Guido Vroemen and lung specialist Shelly Overbeek. Overbeek is also supervising the Beijing 2012 Olympic team. This project takes place under the auspices of the Athletics Union and the Asthma Fund. More information can be found on; www.mynymarathon.nl
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