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Ann Likoles

Name: Ann Likoles

Date of Birth: 1992

Residence: Trans Nzoia

Primary School: Kapkarwa primary

Secondary School: AIC Kessup Girls Secondary School


My name is Ann Lokiles, I am 15 years old. I am a Turkana by ethnicity. My father’s name is Peter Lokiles and my mother’s name is Mary Lokiles. They are Turkanas born in Turkana district, but they migrated to Trans Nzoia district due to cattle rustling problems in the district, therefore they lost all there wealth.

I am the fifth born and we are twelve siblings in number, six boys and six girls. My father owns a quarter piece of land and he has no other source of income. Therefore nutrition in our home is not a priority, but I thank God we are happy regardless of the situation. I started my education at Kapkarwa primary school and I am looking forward to joining Kessup secondary school.

My dream is to be a nurse and my prayer is to see my dream materialize through education. If my dreams come to pass, then I will have a bright future.