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Jepkemoi Kosgei

Name: Jepkemoi Kosgei

Date of birth: 1988

School: Singo’re Girls


I was born in the year 1988 in Keiyo district Metkei division, Maoi location, and Menaheiwa village. I am the third born of Mr. and Mrs. James Cherutich. Both are farmers having their small piece of land. They used to plant maize and beans but the production was low. Of course it is hardly enough to bring up the six children and I.

In the year 1996 I joined Kiptengwer Primary School where I was admitted in standard one. I didn’t join a nursery school since I was in remote area where education was not highly considered. So I ended being in standard eight whereby I sat for my Kenya Certificate for primary education in the year 2003.

On the 24th December the same year, results were out and to my surprise I had passed very well; having 370 marks out of 500. I was to join Singore Girls Secondary School. By that moment, my mother was having a kidney problem and she was admitted at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, which took a lot of money that I could have used as school fees. My father was now unable to pay for my school fees since he had used all the money he had. I surrendered and repeated standard eight once more. November 2004, I had to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and I had gotten 378 marks out of 500. On 2005, I got a letter from Kapsabet Girls High School. By that time, my father had a small amount of money. So, we had to shop with a little and the rest for school fees.

In the middle of the term, we were sent home for fees balance. As I reached home, my father had been very ill, his blood was tested and was found to be having Malaria. After three days he passed away. I was so sad since I saw that there was no life once again.

A week later, I saw that there was no hope for going back to school since there was nothing at home. I stayed at home helping my mum and other family until January 2006. I continued doing that until January 2007 where Lornah Kiplagat Foundation aided me and I joined Singore Girls Secondary School.