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Emmanuel Kimutai Bett

Emmanuel Kimutai Bett

Name: Emmanuel Kimutai Bett

Date of Birth: 26 February 1988

Residence: Kurgung, North Nandi

Preferred Universities in US: Cornell, Connecticut Occidental & Bowling St. University

Academy major: Engineering


I was born on 26th February 1988 at Kaiboi Mission Health Center in North Nandi District. I was born the 8th child to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rutto. My father married two wives and has sixteen children. I am the youngest of all. My father does small-scale subsistence farming while my mother is a housewife.

I started nursery school in 1993 and joined Primary School from class 1-7 at Sing’ore Primary school. Because I wanted to join a good secondary school, I convinced my father to take me to a boarding School. I was admitted to class eight in 2001 at A.I.C Kaptich Academy. I managed to get 401 Marks and joined Kabarnet High School in Baringo. Though it wasn’t a school of my choice, I joined it because I had not received a letter of admission from any of the Schools I had chosen.

Amidst fees problems, older students harassment and strikes, I managed to get an A. Later in June 2006 I joined a religious program called Kenya Scholar Athlete program where we were trained on how to handle SAT and TOEFL while also stressing on athletics (track and field).

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