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Timothy Kibet Sirkoi


Timothy Kibet Sirkoi

Name: Timothy Kibet Sirkoi

Date of Birth: 13 September 1987

Residence: Kapsokwony, Mt. Elgon

Preferred Universities in US: Dartmouth, Pomona, Lafayette and Bowdoin

Academy major: Premeditcine, Financial Management


I was born on 13th September 1987. I went to Pre School at Kitale Prisons and in 1995, when I was in class two, we moved to our ancestral land in Kapsokwony in Mt. Elgon district. We are 11 in our family (six kids from my mother and five from my stepmother).

In Mt. Elgon, I attended Kibuk Primary School from class two to five. After then I went to Cheptikit Academy for class six to class eight. I did my KCPE in 2001, I passed well and joined Moi High School Kabarak, Nakuru in 2002. I finished High School in 2005, I did well and in March 2006, I taught as an untrained teacher to May. I attended an interview to join Kenya Student Athlete Program in June 2006 and was luckily selected. My biggest dream as on now is to do well in SAT (i) and SAT (ii) and join my dream college Dartmouth University in Hanover, U.S.A. My dream career is medicine, though I have great desire to be a business director/manager