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Mutai Victor Kipkoech

Mutai Victor Kipkoech

Name: Mutai Victor Kipkoech

Date of Birth: 5 June 1987


Preferred Universities in US: Yale and Brown

Academy major: Aeronautical Engineering


IHe was born on the 5th of June 1987. It was a moment of joy and felicity since after a long time of trial and error, the boy's parents had only managed to get six girls and nobody to call a son. He was a sign of hope to the long awaiting couple.

He joined nursery school at the age of six and rose to become one of the best kids in class. Unfortunately, he was preparing to cross the bridge of class three when a tragedy struck him and his family of eight children. He lost his beloved father to a fatal road accident near Nakuru. As if it was not enough, his mother succumbed to frustrations and ulcers the following year, 1995.
Life took a different part from the time he lost both parents. His elder sister dropped out of school in order to make the family ends meet. He grew up to become a man. Despite all the fore mentioned challenges, he emerged as the best student in Siongiroi Division in KCPE results 2001. However, his success did not meant a lot to many, his sister included. Everybody knew that he would never join a secondary school due to the lack of finance. Contrarily, God never sleeps. With the company of his sister, he went to Nakuru High School empty-handed and begged for admission. He was reluctantly admitted but from form one to form four he cleared his fees through community help, bursaries, sponsor and 'miracles'. In 2005, he did his KCSE exam and emerged number 8 in rift valley and number 40 nations wide. He is presently preparing himself in order to apply for scholarship abroad.