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James Kandie Rotich

James Kandie Rotich

Name: James Kandie Rotich

Date of Birth: 13 May 1988

Residence:Ngata, Nakuru

Preferred Universities in US: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgetown, Macalester and Stanford

Academy major: Engineering (Software or Aeronautical)


My name is James Kandie Rotich. I was born on 13th May 1988. My fathers name is Joshua Rotich and he is a retired Engineer while my mothers name is Esther Rotich and she is a Primary School teacher. I am the seventh born in a family of eight children.

I joined nursery school in 1992 and completed my studies in 1994. I joined a Primary School in Nakuru called Mama Ngina. In 2001, I did my Kenya Certificate Primary Education and got sufficient marks to join High School. In 2001 I joined Moi High School Kabarak and in late 2005, I did my KCSE. I hope, if all goes well, to join Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study either software or aeronautical Engineering. If not, I will join university of Nairobi in 2007.